Patient Portal

Pediatric Associates of Whidbey Island (PAWI) is pleased to offer a patient portal which allows you to privately communicate with your health care provider and to view the health information in your medical records.


The portal will allow you to login and:

  • Securely communicate with your healthcare team online via email

  • Access your immunization history and prescriptions

  • Access your past and present appointments

FOR YOUR PRIVACY, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE AN EMAIL THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS ACCESS TO. If you provide an e-mail that is not your own, the person you list will have full access to your information including but not limited to any confidential information you provide our office in the past or future  such as psychiatric and mental health information, drug and alcohol information, and sexual health information.

I,                                                                 (print name) authorize PAWI to enroll me in patient portal.

Signature                                                                  Date of Birth                               Date

Primary e-mail                                                         Primary Phone

***State regulations allow teens 12 years and older confidentiality with their medical records***

Parents may request also request their own portal access for their older children, so they may communicate with their provide, but it does not give access to all their medical information.

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